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Latest News & Events

Sketch Noting Workshop for Teens on 22 Jun from 9.30am to 12.30pm

Ashokan Ramakrishnan

Paper, pen, highlighters. That's all you need to get started... 

... on a super-fun journey to turn your dull and boring notes into visually appealing ones that are not only easy to understand but also to remember. 

Targetted at visual learners, this workshop will teach you a few simple tecniques to spice up your note-taking and make your study time more enjoyable as well as productive; helping you connect the dots and capture the key points of whatever subject that you are studying. You will be a master of thefine art of SKETCH-NOTING

If you are interested, sign up on the link below :

Our Trainers
Tim & Irene Hamons from the "ART-OF-AWAKENING" will be running the workshop for us. They have worked with countless groups and individuals for over 20 years; helping them unlock the power of creativity using simple visual and creative tools. 

Outcomes :
better focus and attention span
confidence in creativity and communicating
creative problem-solving skills
tool for taking whole brain notes at school

Agenda :
Visual warm ups
Sketching as your new superpower: the benefits, science and art of simple drawing
ABC's of sketchnoting
How to draw any idea using simple shapes
Yes, you too can draw: Managing your mindset
Re-learning our first language
Visual building blocks: concepts, letters, people, faces,
drawing your story
practice, practice, practice
Use drawings to present your ideas
Group activity on visual storytelling