Date: 2 January 2016 (Sat)
Speaker: Dr Chia Boon Tat, Director, Interactive Micro Organisms
Venue: Child Guidance Clinic, Room 1, Level 3, Health Promotion Board
Time: 9:00 am – 12:30pm

The Second Brain and Its Implications for ADHD
Recent studies have shown that the gut and its microbes, called the Second Brain, may have an important influence on ADHD. Disruption of the balance of gut microbiota has been linked to the onset of numerous neurodevelopmental disorders. Fortunately, re-balancing the gut microbiota may be achieved through lifestyle choices and appropriate supplementation. Dr Chia will be sharing the latest research in the area of gut-microbe-brain interaction, and practical strategies for coping with ADHD by maintaining a balanced gut microbiota.

Date: 13 February 2016 (Sat)
Speaker: Dr Christopher Cheok, Vice-Chairman, Medical Board, National Addictions Management Service, IMH
Venue: Child Guidance Clinic, Room 1, Level 3, Health Promotion Board
Time: 9:00 am – 12:30pm

ADHD and Addictions in Youth
Addictions affect about 5 per cent of youth and ADHD is a risk factor. This talk will focus on understanding common addictions in youth such as computer gaming, drugs and alcohol use and how ADHD influences addictive behaviour. A discussion on the biological and brain basis of addictions and ADHD will provide insights into why extreme behaviours are so difficult to change. He is also a senior consultant psychiatrist and visiting consultant to the SAF and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

Date: 5 March 2016 (Sat)
Speaker: Choi Pui Meng, Senior Educational Psychologist, MOE
Venue: Child Guidance Clinic, Room 1, Level 3, Health Promotion Board
Time: 9:00 am – 12:30pm

Evidence-based Intervention for Students with ADHD in Schools
Choi Pui Meng has spent the last three years doing research for his PhD. He will share the findings of his study involving children and adolescents with ADHD, their perspectives on common areas of difficulties they experienced in mainstream schools because of the disorder, and what may be useful to them in overcoming these difficulties, and general evidence-based intervention measures that can be put in place within schools to support them. He has currently returned to work with Psychological Services Branch, Education Services Division, Ministry of Education.

Date: 2 April 2016 (Sat)
Speaker: Glenn Lim
Venue: Child Guidance Clinic, Room 1, Level 3, Health Promotion Board
Time: 9:00 am – 12:30pm

Empowering Families with ADHD Children: The Magic of PACE
Glenn Lim will talk about the factors that helped more than 80% of families participating in the PACE programme feel empowered to manage and help their ADHD children. Come and listen to specific elements of PACE that make it 'magically' effective in helping parents to tackle ADHD issues at a family level and transform the family relationships. Glenn was a rebellious ADHD child, school dropout, and drug addict who went to jail in his early years. Today, he is a trainer, behavioural psychologist and organizational consultant.

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ADHD: What is it?
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Presentation by the three winners of the ACE Mentor Award 2012 at the public forum held on 29 June 2013. In it, the Allied Educators (Learning and Behaviour Support) share their knowledge and best practices on supporting Special Needs students in mainstream schools.

Presentation slides of Prof Jan Buitelaar (from The Netherlands) for the public Forum on 5 July uploaded here.

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