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Parents Supporting Parents - Support Group for ADHD Parents in Schools

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Parents Supporting Parents - Support Group for ADHD Parents in Schools

Ashokan Ramakrishnan


As a Parent, are you struggling to cope with an ADHD child in your care? Medicine, Psychotherapy, clinical support… nothing seems to be the “cure all” that produces immediate results. In the meantime, you feel overwhelmed and emotionally and physically drained in the process. 

Or are you an Allied Educator or Teacher, managing the ADHD children in your School, and trying your best to offer their parents the assurance and support they need.  
Being an organisation run by Parents of ADHD children, SPARK has observed that the support for parents struggling with coping with their ADHD child is lacking. 
Besides running our monthly talks, SPARK has supported Programs over the years that help families cope better. 

We are now making steps to bring the support of parents to a more accessible format, by reaching parents through the Schools on a Cluster level.

We are doing a pilot run of this “Parents Supporting Parents” Group in March and April of 2018.
If you are a parent interested in attending this, please fill in the form below.

If you are an Educator who would like to refer your parents to this Program, you can send them the url to this webpage, or you can contact the Program Coordinator, Tina Tan at