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Connecting with the ADHD Child through the Language of Choice Theory

Speaker : Ooi Huishan, Rowena (Senior School Counsellor, Cantonment Primary School)

Venue : Health Promotion Board, Child's Guidance Clinic (Level 3)

As parents have you ever felt a sense of disconnectedness with the youngsters of today when you try to engage them? Are they often connected to their electronic devices instead? Do you feel you lack effective communication skills to engage your ADHD child? Learn the language of Choice Theory as a new empowering approach to re-connect with the ADHD child. Rowena, a school counsellor since 2006, acquired her certification in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (CTRT) in 2014. In the last 10 years, Rowena worked with parents and their children in schools to help them cope with diagnosed special needs. She encourages teachers and parents to adopt more positive approaches in engaging these children. She is one of the ACE Mentor Award winners in 2016, which recognizes educators who make significant contributions to the support of students with ADHD in schools. 

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